Jobs Are Running Out

By | September 14, 2020

This story is not just about Pakistan or any developing country. This is the story of every country and of the world as a whole. The world is moving towards freelancing. People are moving towards their own specialty. Owners of companies think it is better to give a variety a chance than to hire one person at a time. Get one out of the company, then hundreds, not thousands, of candidates are standing in line. Here, too, is the same competition that escaped the business. The lack of jobs has been growing over the last ten years.

You Can Be Wiped Out Of the Company at Any Time

Rating should be done, PR should be increased, and this issue has now started to apply to the working class as well. But owners are often unaware of this. They have to work. If a monthly salaried employee is a marketing agent, he will also be hired as a clerk. Unless you have the ability to work three slaves at a time, not your value. Because it is very difficult to pay a slave a permanent salary every month, and then where you are thirty-five years old, you start looking for another place to live.


Because your experience has grown so much. Even before your salary and age increase, the company is looking for someone with a lower salary and younger age, who will work harder than you.

The Technological Revolution

Few people understand this, but the technological revolution is bringing and will bring even more jobs. Who knew that in the seventies and eighties the calligraphers would have these bad days that they would have no one to ask? No one will even know them?

From messengers who bring letters, to astrologers, and from handicraftsmen to artists, all chapters of employment are closed, and the process continues.

The new sun of technology will bring millions of such stories when no writer is needed for scriptwriting. Not a living person for a clerk. The work of industrial workers is being assigned to robots and machines. The courier and postal system will see a new decline after 3D printing technology.

Isn’t That Something To Think About?

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Biotech, robotics, and artificial intelligence will wipe out human jobs. Because the world is moving at a very fast pace from treatment to prevention and disease prevention. What will the doctors do? Cars and buses are learning to move automatically. Driver jobs are coming to an end. Robots can do better than bank cashiers, and are doing. Where did humans go?

Uneven In the Economy

Thanks to technology, the economic status of many works have been lost or will be lost. This is the biggest question in the world right now, how to understand and control economic inequalities. No one knows about the money coming in and the money going out except the person who says that my salary comes on the fifth day of every month.

But This Person Is Stupid

If a company in the business has a client, then it is at risk. May sink anytime. The same argument applies to employment. Working for one person (your company owner) can overwhelm you at any time, and I will cite numerous examples of demand.

This can happen to any industry, but those whose only source of livelihood is jobs are hundreds of times more at risk. I’m not saying that a job is a bad thing. But the bad thing is, you have to put all your attention on the job. Having more than one source of income is not only a right of everyone but also a need. And if you don’t, you will be pushed far behind in this struggle for social survival of the fittest and survival.

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