How To Do Hotel Management Job?

By | September 12, 2020

Eating and feeding, humiliating guests, and arranging for the comfort of travelers are among the oldest traditions in the world. When all of this work is done on a commercial basis, it becomes an art and a profession, and as tradition, it is one of the oldest professions in the world. Centuries ago, when there were no high-speed vehicles, ships, and planes, travel was done on horses and camels or in caravans. The routes were long and there was caravanserai for the passengers to spend the night and rest, where the passengers were provided with water, food, bedding, and water and fodder for their animals. The ancient caravanserai has been replaced by today’s modern hotels.

This article will give you an idea of ​​what kind of work is done in the field of hotel management. And what kind of people are needed for this, and which organization provides professional training in different areas of this profession.


In any hotel, restaurant, mess, club, guest house, or hostel, etc., the person who takes care of the entire management of this institution is called the manager. Its duties include overseeing the preparation of food and beverages, overseeing the management and maintenance of residential facilities, overseeing the work of departmental supervisors, familiarizing all employees of the organization with their work and their problems. Includes steps for guidance and solutions etc. In addition, the hotel manager has to plan for the future and make suggestions for business growth. It also includes the maintenance of the hotel building and related services, security arrangements, and all possible measures for the comfort and convenience of the guests/customers.

Restaurant / Catering Manager

The restaurant or catering manager has to supervise the affairs related to beverages and food items. Its duties include purchasing groceries, preparing meals, and selling ready-made items or even handling them to guests. This is a very responsible position and requires professional training and skills. No untrained person can do this job. A good restaurant or catering manager stays in search of new appliances and machines to enhance the efficiency of the kitchen. So that more work can be done with less labor, less time, and less cost, for example, using a microwave oven instead of a traditional stove or cooking range can save time, labor, and cost.


A housekeeper is also called a domestic services manager. The duties of a housekeeper include the care, management, and supervision of the residential affairs of hotels, hospitals, clubs, hostels of schools, or other such institutions. Cleaning of living rooms and buildings, meeting the needs of the occupants is of primary importance.

Chef / Cook

The work of a cook, a chef, or a cook is the same, but they are called by different names depending on the nature of the work they do. Cooks who oversee the cooking process in the hotel and restaurant kitchens and those who do the same in hostels, hospitals, etc. are called cooks. In Urdu, both are called cooks or chefs. Larger hotels have more than one chef and their head is called Head Chef.

Kitchen Assistant

The kitchen assistant helps the cook or chef in cooking. He has to do a lot of unskilled work of various kinds, from cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes, and washing the dishes to preparing the food as per the instructions of the cook. This assistant cleans vegetables, meats, and commodities before they are cooked, cuts, and washes them. In large hotels, tasks are assigned to certain assistant chefs. For example, making tea and coffee, making toast and eggs, putting food in trays, cleaning dishes and plates, etc.

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