How Does Professional Development Promote Education

By | September 12, 2020

Nature of Work

The nature of the work of those who perform teaching duties at different levels varies. Although preparatory, nursery, and KG classes are not held in public schools, these classes are well organized in good private educational institutions. Teachers engaged in the teaching process up to this level are usually associated with children between the ages of two and a half and five years. Therefore, in addition to the feelings of love and compassion in these teachers, it is important to be familiar with the psychology of children.

Related Fields/Professions

After completing various teaching courses, teachers are eligible for direct appointment to the posts of Headmaster, Instructor Supervisor, Education Officer, Assistant Director, and Deputy Director. Preference is also given to trained officers in the fields of Section Officer and Educational Planning in the Department of Education.


Salaries are paid to teachers in government educational institutions. They are no more or less than other fields in terms of their own academic ability and working hours. The salaries of teachers working at different levels can be estimated from the given table. These salaries are for teachers working in public schools, while the salaries of teachers in private schools may be more or less the same. The salaries of teachers who are appointed as Oriental Studies, Drawing Teachers and Physical Training Instructors, according to their educational and training qualifications, are equivalent to Grade 9 equivalent to JST and Grade 15 equivalent to HST.


The general curriculum for teacher training is one year. Young people who want to become teachers in primary school have to get admission in PTC after matriculation. Similarly, after JST Intermediate, for CT and HST, after graduation, admission to B.Ed is a condition to complete the syllabus and pass the examination. The duration of each of these training courses is one year. During this period they have to take two teaching subjects in addition to the compulsory subjects. After regular planning of 20 lessons of each teaching subject and registration of all the teaching stages, one has to go to a school classroom and teach regularly.

In any subject, a person pursuing an MA from the Second Division usually has the opportunity to become a lecturer in a college or university. This is a Gazetted Post of Grade 17.

Passing the M.Ed examination after B.Ed can also lead to the opportunity to become a lecturer in the college (especially the Teachers Training College). The M.Ed curriculum includes the following compulsory subjects:

  1. Islamic foundations of education
  2. Curriculum editing, planning, and promotion
  3. Educational Psychology
  4. Review and guidance
  5. Educational research and statistics
  6. An essay or essay writing

At the time of admission to B.Ed, Government College of Education has a 50 marks examination consisting of General Knowledge. It admits as many students as there are seats according to the order of the numbers. The maximum age limit is 33 years for men and 35 years for women.

The monthly fee for all the above-mentioned training courses is nominal, which ranges from Rs. 15 to Rs. 25 per month in various institutions, while the monthly fee for M.Ed is Rs. 30. Including the cost of books, pictures, maps, charts, models, etc., the cost of completing a course is from five hundred to one thousand rupees.

Montessori and Kindergarten Teacher Training

Over the past two decades, pre-primary schools in Pakistan have grown significantly. At the age of six, the child is admitted to Montessori School or Kindergarten Nursery at the age of two and a half to three years, before enrolling in the first grade of primary school and beginning the process of formal education. Montessori and Kindergarten, both of these methods of teaching children, aim to encourage children’s instincts and tendencies at an early age and to teach them the very basics of civilized life through play and other hobbies. In such a way that they do not become a burden on them.

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