Some Skills That Earn More Than A Job

By | June 5, 2020

Yesterday, I came across a Facebook post according to which 10,000 graduates have passed out in Karachi this year as well, and there are no job opportunities for them. In such a situation, instead of being unemployed, the new generation should earn an income. Look to the means by which they can support their families.

People say you can’t get a job after a degree. What to do?

For such people, I say for God’s sake, make up your mind now that you will not get a job after a degree, people are expected to leave the university when they graduate, then the line of jobs outside I would say I may not get a job. Maybe our CV is not right, and we don’t even know how to give an interview, we don’t even know if the job we are applying for is relevant or not, I say during the degree, get paid or not Meet, somewhere, do something about your field.

There is no denying the importance of education, but the degree that can be obtained just for the sake of getting a job is becoming a burden nowadays – so it is time to change our thinking and give our new generation a degree as well. Skills learning must also be brought to bear – so that after completing their education they can have less reliance on a degree just to get a job and they can run their home with skills – today we will give you something like this. Explain the professions that a person can never be unemployed in the hope of a job, but can earn more money by working as a freelancer.

1: Electronics

Our homes usually have electrical products that are bound to break down over time – including televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. – because of the high cost of these products. In order to fix the problem, we turn to people who know the work. There are many institutes that offer a diploma by taking a course in two years to learn the job. There are many experienced people who learn to work by keeping children with them so that by learning this job in their spare time, a person can easily start his own work and make a living.

2: Mechanic

Having a car or motorbike is becoming a hobby as well as a necessity – and everyone who has a ride must take it to a compulsory mechanic every fortnight to get it fixed – and to the mechanic Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. A two-year diploma can also be taken from various institutions to learn the work of a mechanic – or by working for a while with a skilled teacher, one can not only learn the job but also master it. You can make a lot of money.

3: Plumber

Water lines are essential to the water supply in every home, which can deteriorate over time. In this case, everyone is aware of the need for a plumber and its importance. Absolutely not difficult, nor does it require very expensive tools to do the job. Even with this skill, money can be easily earned.

4: Electrician

Diploma institutes also offer a two-year diploma for this job, but at the same time, the job can be learned in practice – and the installation of circuit breakers, switchboards, etc. inside the houses doing this work. Also can work on fuses etc. and earn good money by working freelance.

5: Computer And Mobile Hardware Work

In today’s world of computers and mobiles, their presence is a must in every home – so the importance of their experts is also very high, and people are often looking for experts in this field. One can easily earn a living by learning.

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