Now the Young Man Must Decide For Himself

By | June 5, 2020

Young people are the brightest part of any society. They are a very valuable asset and are the backbone of the nation. If they are highly educated and satisfied, the country’s development will never be hampered. The youth rate in Pakistan is about 60%, but unfortunately, this important national asset of ours is suffering from various problems and confusion. This 60 % is not discussed in any forum. News of their suicides becomes breaking news, but there are no talk shows on the media to dispel their confusion, and the country has been suffering the consequences of ignoring them for 70 years. As a student, young people are burning like a fire in the face of the oppression of their situation.

What is the Highest Paying Job without a Degree?

Even before they graduate, they become familiar with the terms of poverty, inflation, unemployment, and even fear, and it is this “awareness” that affects their mental development. Expensive education in developing countries has broken the backs of these brave young people. Poor young people suffer from a double whammy due to expensive education and economic burdens. Decorate the dream of a job after obtaining a degree; when you are frustrated by the worries of marriage, then you are welcomed in the world of crime without any class ups and downs; and he gets all the comforts by living in this mysterious world. But all this he has to get by mortgaging his life, which is not an expensive deal in capitalism.

How Can Our Social Environment Be Saved From The Stench That These Young People Suffer From?

According to a conservative estimate, thousands of students graduate from higher education institutions every year, but this number of jobs falls on someone’s head. The biggest problem in the lives of today’s youth is finding employment because not getting a job on time also hinders their marriage. This problem is also the main cause of misbehavior, which is severely affecting the health and psyche of our youth. When some of them reach the brink of total destruction, they either commit suicide or join criminal gangs and become raw materials for them. These issues are such that even parents are forced to become spectators and watch everything happen. The government does not seem to pay any special attention to these issues.

How Can People get High Paying Job with No Experience:

There is a need for a platform where students can easily solve their problems, discuss them, and come up with solutions. In the past, student organizations were formed to guide students and solve their problems, but now these organizations have become puppets in the hands of politicians, they only work on the agenda of political parties. Today, the culture of weapons, riots, fear, and panic has become the norm in educational institutions. Even the promotion of drugs is now considered normal.

Why Young Man Aren’t Working:

Politicians use such raw materials for their own consumption and benefit. They know that this is hot blood, even if it flows relentlessly, it is not a loss-making deal. Nor does it diminish. On the contrary, their movements survive on the same blood and corpses. To perpetuate them, these vampires are drinking the blood of young people like beasts. They are being danced to their tunes like an orbit.

Easiest Skilled Trade:

Today’s young man is by no means ignorant and insane, but he is so entangled in the iron torments of the situation that his ability to think has been weakened, and he has become obedient to the signs and commands of these orbits. Politicians must remember that no movement can succeed without the youth. These are the young people who eat sticks for the sake of politicians, and they are dragged on the streets because of their “great leaders.” The revolution is born of their blood, and the credit for the success goes to these lowly and selfish politicians. Politicians! This young man is not a herd that you chase after your own interests.

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