‘Job Can’t Be Found Without Experience, But Experience Can’t Be Found Without A Job.’

By | June 5, 2020

Often young people are fed up with this strange logic when looking for their first job. Companies don’t hire them because they don’t have the experience, and the young man keeps giving them this decade. If you have completed a degree in any field, remember that when you leave the university and enter the practical world, you will not be alone.

How Will I Get The Experience?

On the contrary, thousands of other young people like you or maybe even better than you will pass out from different universities and be present in your competition. If there are fifty jobs in the market, there will be hundreds of interviews for these jobs. It will look like a pomegranate sleeping sick. Getting a job in such a situation is tantamount to gambling. The logic of many companies is that you can’t get a job because you don’t have experience. There will be only a few companies that are willing to hire experienced people, i.e.,’ fresh pass outs,’ at a reasonable salary. Obviously, you can imagine the competition for these little jobs. Those who grab these positions by recommendation or bribe will also be present. In such a situation, it is natural for young job seekers to become frustrated and angry.

We study, but not just for the sake of knowledge:

We have read from day one that knowledge is worship. It is our duty to acquire knowledge. The learned and the ignorant can never be equal, and many such sayings, but we may have forgotten to read that knowledge is to be acquired, but for whom? Why? And what knowledge to acquire? But perhaps nature also deliberately left these puzzles to test us. But I am writing with great regret that we could not solve this riddle because we stopped acquiring knowledge, and we began to understand memorizing the formulas, sayings, definitions, and rules in the books to acquire knowledge, And then they write carefully in the pamphlet word for word for fear that the numbers will not be cut.

How can a young person survive this situation and be successful?

It is important that young people do two things when completing their degrees. First of all, do additional courses related to your field, which are in demand in the market. For example, an IT degree student may have passed an international certification in a computer language, or an MBA student may have taken a short course in finance. Second, make sure that the degree, as well as one, two-year part-time ‘internship’ (paid job). With effort, you can get internships that pay you a small fee, which can cover travel expenses, etc.

Why these numbers are so important in the end, and some friends will also say that if knowledge is obtained, then the numbers come

The bigger the company, the better for the internship. But even if it is not big, it must be adopted. The benefit of additional courses and internships will be that you will be more prominent in conducting post-degree interviews.

So it will be easier for you to get the job you want. There is also a strong possibility that if you do the internship wholeheartedly and prove your ability to them, then the same company will offer you a job. This is very common, and the company has its own advantage, which comes in handy for an employee who is already an expert in this particular job. It may seem impossible for a reader to take an extra course and a part-time job with a degree, but no, it is possible, and that is what many wise students do. Although there is a lot of hard work in it that is why it is said that hard work definitely brings color.

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