Make Yourself Employable

By | June 4, 2020

Kamal is my neighbor’s son. Kamal’s father retired after completing his term of service, so it became necessary for Kamal to help his elder brother in his struggle to support his family and take up a job along with his education.

How do you Stay Employable:

For the expected job, he completed his formal education in college and registered as a private candidate. More than two years have passed; they are still unemployed. He was sent too many places, but since he had practically no work, he did not get a job. When they asked for a job, they were asked to learn a skill, such as typing. He also enrolled in a typing training institute, but after a lapse of two years, he has not mastered typing. In these two years, he has passed 12th class in Commerce and is now in his first year of B.Com, but his employment problem has not been resolved yet.

Is this accusation true?

The phenomenon of perfection is not unique. Millions of educated young people here face similar problems. Millions of young people, who can not only contribute to the well-being of their families but also contribute to national development by taking up employment or starting their own business, are unemployed. They blame the country, government, or society for their unemployment.

Let’s look at another situation!

Amjad Sahib needs an office assistant for his office, who can carry out the day to day work of the office. He also mentioned it to his friends and placed an ad in the newspaper. Numerous young people came, but not a single one was found.

Mr. Kareem works as a superintendent in an office. He complains that he needs a typewriter, but in three years, he has not found a good typewriter.

Shahabuddin Sahib has a mechanical workshop. He complains that there are no good turners in Pakistan.

A good accountant, a good driver, a good telephone/telex operator, a good banker, a good plumber, a good electrician, everywhere they are needed, but these people are not available, whoever is skilled, familiar with their work, and has experience. Yes, he is already working somewhere. For the new places that are being created, there is a severe shortage of workers in every field who can work independently with confidence.

It is as if, on the one hand, a large number of our educated youth are unemployed, and on the other hand, the employment agencies are complaining that they are not getting semi-skilled educated workers.

This is a very sad situation, but instead of regretting this unfortunate situation, we should think about changing it. This article gives advice to successful young people in eighth, tenth, and twelfth grades on how they can change the situation, and take up a decent job and contribute to the well-being and development of themselves and their families. ۔ Look around you, in the neighborhood, and in the bazaar, you will find countless young people who are either totally illiterate or have attended a few classes, but these people are different in shops, factories, workshops, and bazaars. Seem to work. It is as if these people, despite being illiterate or poorly literate, have employment.

Are you educated, matriculated, or interned … why are you unemployed?

The reason is obvious, those people, despite being illiterate, “know the work,” and you are only educated, you “do not know the work.” This means that if you “know the work” you can not only be employed but also because of education you can get ahead of illiterate people.


Keep in mind that as long as there is no work, it is difficult, and when a person learns, even the most difficult work becomes easy. Be sure to value your inclinations and preferences for learning to work. You may be interested in technical work, in which case you should learn to work as a carpenter, electrician or similar.

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