Easy and Useful Ways to Find a Good Job

By | June 4, 2020

A few days ago, I met an engineer friend, and it became clear that he was going to pass out in just a few days. When asked, what is job planning? Where did you apply? So he replied proudly, “What’s the matter in many places, and at the same time added a complaint, but no answer came from anywhere.”

What’s The Meaning Of ‘Many Places’?

So I got the answer that I have applied in all 10 places. Hearing the number 10, I felt very sorry for him, but he said to the serious attitude of the esteemed person, “Friend, add another zero to this, which is 10, then there are many places to say.”

The reason I said that was clear, if you have been an exceptional student, such as a position holder or a scholarship holder, then the companies will contact you automatically, but if not, and you are an average student. If so, you will have to work hard to get a job, because the reality is that the competition for the job in the current market is very fierce, so you need to know different ways to apply for a job. Are important, so you can increase your interview opportunities. Here are some tips to help you get a job.

Apply directly:

You must first know the field in which you have graduated. Where is its use? Sometimes it happens that due to lack of understanding, we create a limited circle in our mind and look for a job accordingly, which also limits our options. So, first of all, find out where the field or subject you are studying is used. Then make a list of all the relevant companies or organizations where your department has worked, so you will have a comprehensive list. You can take turns visiting the websites of all those companies or institutions to find job opportunities and apply for vacancies.

There is another method that can be followed. The policy of many companies is that whenever there is a vacancy, they keep a record of all the CVs they receive in their data bank. So that in any case, if the same or any other post is vacant, they do not have to re-submit all the CVs but choose one from the data bank. In this way, they get their desired candidate from the same data bank.

This method is so effective that I myself have received interview calls from many companies where I had sent my CV two to three years ago. This method reduces the likelihood of an immediate interview call from the company because, in the language of communication, such an e-mail is called an unsolicited e-mail, meaning someone’s home. Arriving without an invitation, obviously, they will either take care of you or ignore you, but the advantage is that your CV will be in their data bank, which can be useful for future vacancies. Is.


Finding positions in newspapers is the oldest and most tried and tested method. If vacancies in newspapers are applied for, companies respond immediately, because a company only advertises in newspapers when they are in dire need of an individual for the position. So using newspapers to find a job can be very rewarding.

Job Portal:

Job portals are actually websites that provide a platform for companies and job seekers. I myself use Job Portal a lot, and I have benefited a lot from it, I have received many invitations through these job portals.

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